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The study of accessories in lighting items is very importance as well. Shades are produced with precious fabric(shantung, moarè, silk, pongè).

They are entirely hand finished according to our own designs of classic inspiration. Glass shades applied on the lamps and chandeliers are made following our designs and once carefully chosen, they are decorated with special prints and fired in special kilns at approximately 500° centigrade. Decorations are inspired by the lamp style for which they have been created.

  • To remove labels from crystal or porcelain items, one of the best ways is to use hot air from a hair dryer. To remove dust use a dump cloth. To remove grease, use a few drops of alcohol on a cloth.
  • Dust on shades can be removed with a feather puff. Never clean the shade with a cloth to avoid dust penetrating into the fabric.
  • Many ACF clocks have a mechanical 8 days wind movement and separate winding of alarm, chiming every half hour.

ATTENTION: do not force winding to avoid the stoppage of movement springs. If this should happen, please consult your retailer or a clock maker.

All our lighting objects are assembled in accordance with CE normative

All our products are in conformity with 2002/95/CE European directive (RoHS).

In accordance with European 2002/96/CE (WEEE-RAEE) directive all lighting items should be got rid of using special authorized society or they have to be redelivered to our enterprise that will provide to be get rid of these products.

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