Crystal is one of most fascinating materials. It is obtained at very high temperature, over 1400° centigrade, melting sand, soda lime, potassium, borax and lead oxide, essential to achieve clearness, purity, and weight. Crystal only required raw materials of highest quality.

The crystal used in ACF items, having an index of refraction higher than 1,545 and containing over 24% of PbO lead has one of highest quality.The crystal production process is made by hand. It is hand blown and the engravings are entirely hand made.

It is difficult to find a collection of crystal items with large size and quality such as the one of ACF on the market. The difficulty, in addition to produce crystal items of 20/25 kilos weight and handcrafting them, is also to assemble the various components to create an "Art Object".

The clear crystal becomes precious in adding color.

Before the clear crystal is blown, a layer of coulored crystal is placed on it. This layer is removed by the hand engraving to uncover the clear layer underneath. A fascinating effect is obtained, full of reflections.

Some items of the collection are hand decorated with pure gold. Items of large sizes are particular difficult to decorate, as the firing temperature of gold is higher than the crystal melting point, owing to the high percentage of lead. There is the danger of misshaping items unless they are properly set in the kiln and during the firing process.

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