The ACF was founded in 1950 as a factory of ceramic objects from which name "Artistiche Ceramiche Fiorentine" became known and appreciated in the world for its collections furnishing and lighting.

Collections were born originally from careful study for the reproduction and the reinterpretation of classical objects of the XVIII and XIX century. The results, as evidenced by the success, were outstanding, we were able to get the "Oggetti d’Arte" and this because, without falling into compromise, we always chose the best of what we had. For this to every component of our items we do not directly produced, we turn to artists and craftsmen that we can follow the production of each piece: marble, crystal, glass, castings, metal, are exclusively "Made in Italy".

The manual that accompanies each piece means that you create inimitable objects for their uniqueness, a characteristic that drives our production in markets around the world behind the request of a loyal and passionate as we are avaible to accompany us with suggestions and praise in our way to the renewal of the "Classic."

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